My Semi - Annual Semi-Journal


November 25, 2003

Added a bunch of stuff which has been simmering on the back burners (sometimes for several years! Yecch) to David's Black and White World:

Raves & Peeves
Cover Letter Controversy Collapses Countless Careers
Songs & Poems

Suddenly, Mysteriously the Toilet Stopped Working
The Psychopath Down Below

November 23, 2003 - Minor updates

A friend wondered why Fleetwood Mac was not on my list of favorite albums. And I remembered when I was about 11 or 12 my cousin Johnny Glidewell said I just had to listen to this album by a new band from England called Fleetwood Mac. The album was Future Games - I still have a copy on vinyl (playing now).

I remember being skeptical but quickly formed a deep love for the haunting sounds of that band. It was a slightly different band back then (1971), with members John and Christine McVie, Bob Welch, Danny Kirwin, and Mick Fleetwood. What surprised me then most of all was that I could enjoy something melodic and less heavy than Led Zeppelin.

Being a drummer I really appreciate Mick Fleetwood's ability to lay down a powerful rhythm but remain humbly in the background, letting the melodic and vocal parts stand out in front. This is incredibly difficult to do and most drummers never grasp the concept that they are not the center of the show. :)

Mick had a major influence on my drumming as I played drums constantly to the Fleetwood Mac (white album) and Rumors and still do.

September 26,2003 - New Section Raves and Peeves with a nice note to the RIAA

I have been watching the news of the RIAA sneaking around acting like they're John Ashcroft looking for terrorists. It must be an exciting time for them as they seem to have suddenly discovered how free and open the Internet is. Their behavior made me really dig deep down and think about my relationship to the recording industry - and Wow! I discovered how pissed I was - and had been - for a long long time. And especially after reading some articles by artists like Courney Love and others who have been screwed around and had their lives turned upside down by what was until recently a creative monopoly.

I'm listening to Indie and amature stuff now, and surprise! Since I turned off televison and radio I find I have lots more time to write my own music and do other creative things. I am hoping a primitive studio is within my not too distant future.

I turned the television off in the 80's and the radio off in 2003 since it has become - like TV earlier - totally broken. All you hear are the same songs and endless end less e n d l e s s stupid commercials. It's national self-inflicted culturally homogenized brain washing. I listen to NPR a lot but it's just too serious some times. When I have a car passenger that is good because they can flip the radio dials in search of music.

TV started losing me shortly after invention of the laugh track. Those of you who do watch a lot of television probably don't know what that is. That's what I'm talking about... :)

I do love movies. That's a different thing entirely.

August 12,2003 - I'm busy and having fun!

But I'm really really REALLY missing my nephew and sister who got transferred to Texas. :(

Work is really fun - we have deployed a new CITRIX network system and a new IBM SCO unix system and I am loving the speed and stability of the new systems. I actually have time to think about things like new databases and end-user training. Yeah!

Also have been very busy with a Christian rock band - Heaven's Addicts. Got a couple of new songs to put up. Have been learning video editing on Pinnacle Studio which is really fun and cool. My garden is productive except the rabbits ate my string bean plants to the ground. Grrrr. "Time to kill da Wabbit..."

March 12, 2003 - Hmm.. it's actually an annual / semi-annual journal mebbe. :)

Some on-line journals are interesting but almost nobody ever reads them. Journals are supposed to be private things, aren't they? And when you find someone's private journal you ought to just pretend you didn't see it and put it away back in whatever drawer in which you happened to stumble upon this naughty thing in your hand.

A Person's Private Thoughts. Published and on-line on a network.

Hmm. In the community days of the Internet this was fun and interesting. Now on the Totally Commercial, Totally Goverment Wired network filled with Clueless People In A Hurry - it sometimes just feels crazy. One woman dropped by Ruhamah and wrote: "I read your poems and think you should not be so down about love. It's obvious your heart got broken but love is great if you find the right person!"

Horror. That note sent horror shivering through my soul. She just doesn't get it. She doesn't get Poetry. I don't sit around feeling miserable since I've mostly forgotten what sinister things I may have been feeling whiny about then. God knows I've probably experienced some situations equally miserable - or worse in some cases - since then. But even this misses the point: She doesn't get Life.

A poem crystalizes a moment. So does a journal. But it's not like "David is what his journal describes." I'm not what I write in a poem - thank God. I'm not even what I write today. A Journal (even one that is well maintained) can only capture mebbe 0.00001 % of what is happening in any reasonably dynamic person's life. The information is useful mostly in looking back. "Hey, look where I was then. Oh yeah... I remember that guy!" :)


April 16, 2002 - OK Mebbe it's merely a Semi-Daily Journal

A friend resigned from work today. He's a very good guy, going through a very rough time in his journey through life. I wasn't surprised that it happened. I'm not surprised because he's going through a divorce.

There ought to be a law: anyone going through a divorce is not responsible for their actions for at least six months. If they act crazy = that's to be expected. In fact, it's amazing that people going through divorce don't act weird constantly. The bubble bath of love is spiraling down into the disgusting hair-clogged bathtub drain of life - or something horrid like that. If kids are involved, they should get a big bonus every day they function normally for one half-hour.

My best wishes and prayers go out to my friend and former colleague. I am grateful for all the good things he accomplished. I'm keeping in touch and I think he's going to be ok.

April 14, 2002 - Where has David and been?

It's not all back up but I really made an effort to start getting Ruhamah updated. In August of 2000 I was using a chain saw to trim a massive tree branch for my sister, while standing about 25 feet high on a ladder. Yes, I know it's NUTS to trim a large oak tree using a ladder. Anyway - the branch kicked the ladder out from under me, and I fell just about nearly to my death. I was in surgery almost 24 hours. My left shoulder and right wrist were shattered - they absorbed the fall, undoubtedly saving my life. And these bodily shock absorbers were replaced with stainless steel components with great skill by my surgeon. For quite a long time I wasn't even able to even walk - much less type. After a long convalescence I got back on my feet. Lots of things I wondered if I would be able to do ever again I can do - play guitar and drive and play my drums and throw a frisbee. I feel great and greatful to be alive!
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