A Song of Amhairghin

I am an estuary into the sea.

I am a wave of the ocean.

I am the sound of the sea.

I am a powerful ox.

I am a hawk on a cliff.

I am a dewdrop in the sun.

I am a plant of beauty.

I am a boar for valour.

I am a salmon in a pool.

I am a lake in a plain.

I am the strength of art.

                - Amhairghin


This is a song by an ancient Milesian warrior poet, who sung this as he arrived by ship to lead the conqering of Ireland. Scolars argue this happened between 3500 - 300 B.C. In any case the song is very old.

Amhairghin means "Birth of Song" but I suspect this was his common name; in the druidic culture of these ancient times one did not allow others to know one's true name; like Merlin this man probably had many names reflecting his various roles.


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